Routinr for influencers who specialise in at home workouts and routines

Turn your influence into a helpful routine that your fans and followers will adopt, love and thank you for. At home workouts, meditation, yoga are becoming a vital part of life so now is your chance to make a difference and use your influence for good.

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Why should you upload an at home routine?

You no longer have to rely on product placement to monetise their following. By providing and selling amazing at home based routines you can make money by providing amazing value to your fans.

Build closer relationships with your fans and followers. Create meaningful content to those that want it the most.

Focus and get paid for what you do best; create amazing content that provides loads of value for your loyal supporters.

Create a system that ensures a reliable and consistent revenue sources that you control. Get paid your worth on time, every time with Routinr's customisable pricing options.

What can you offer on Routinr?

  • Daily at home workouts to keep your fans fit and healthy while they are indoors
  • Healthy and easy meal plans to take the challenge out of meal planning
  • Meditation tips and reminders to ensure people don't forget about their mental health
  • An exclusive membership group that includes regular check-in and a daily motivational video
  • Membership access to your private newsletter or slack channel reserved for your biggest fans
  • Exclusive Video / Zoom calls for your top subscribers

Some of our fitness influencers

Some routine inspiration

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