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Bodybuilders with an influencers are using Routinr to monetise their loyal fan base with details workout routines, meal planning and nutritional advice.

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Why bodybuilding professionals use Routinr to add bulk to their business

Don't rely on ads from products you wouldn't use yourself! Move away from low value and unpredictable product placement revenue

Bodybuilding fans are truly fanatical about their chosen lifestyle. Build relationships with your true fans for more rewarding social engagement

Ad revenue simply doesn't cut it. Build a significant and predictable revenue stream through recurring and other dynamic pricing models thats completely in your control

Focus on yourself, focus on your content and forget about the itty gritty details of sourcing advertising, following up payments or building a website or app... we've got that all covered.

What can bodybuilding professionals offer on Routinr?

  • Weekly or monthly workouts and routines that follower can actually stick to
  • A variety of nutritional plans based on a users goal that they can incorporate into Routinr smart plan
  • Access to an exclusive Slack channel available only to your premium membership subscribers
  • Use Routinr to manage and process your monthly PT clients
  • Monthly protein and supplement packs for the membership tier of your choice
  • Daily specific workout videos only available to your Routinr subscribers

Matt Orchard - Influencer and Personal trainer uses Routinr to tap into his audience by creating meal plans, HIIT workouts and routines that his audience loves

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