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Nutritionists, foodies, wellness cooks, clean cooking specialists, family cooks you name it use Routinr to monetise their influence by sharing amazing meal plans and recipes their followers are craving.

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Why food influencers and Routinr is the perfect recipe

Food influencers no longer need to endorse products they don't believe in and no longer have to rely on product placement to monetise their following

Build better relationships with your fans with Routinr. Identify and engage with your true fans and provide them with life changing content

Simply focus on what you do best and create high value, amazing content your fans love and let Routinr look after the rest

Build a reliable dynamic, consistent and recurring revenue stream that pays you on time, every time with Routinr's customisable pricing options.

What can food influencers offer on Routinr?

  • Weekly or even monthly meal plans complete with recipes and video tutorials
  • Membership access to your private newsletter or slack channel reserved for your biggest fans
  • Cooking workshops or webinars
  • Daily recipe videos available only to your Routine subscribers
  • Downloadable shopping lists
  • An exclusive culinary city guide experience with some of your super fans

David Wallace uses Routinr to experiment with what people are most interested in when it comes to meal planning. From Vegan plans, to Keto to Mediterranean options, David's meal plans have been adopted by thousands

Top foodie influencers on Routinr

Food influencers making a stir

Join these and other food and lifestyle influencers on Routinr today, building a better way forward for you and your followers.

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