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Fitness influencers and professionals are flocking to Routinr to tap into their ever growing follower base, sharing fitness routines, meal plans and daily tips to keep people on track to achieve their goals

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Why do Fitness influencers choose Routinr?

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Say no to relying on unpredictable, no value added product placements and endorsements.

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Make predictable revenue with recurring billing options and flexible membership or one-off price models

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Focus on creating great, life changing content your fans will love instead of searching for monetisation options.

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Form stronger relationships with your followers through members only and exclusive content and rewards.

As a fitness influencer, what could you offer?

  • Detailed fitness plans and routines
  • Nutritional meal plans to supplement your fitness routines
  • One on One personal training, online or offline
  • Access to a premium slack channel or newsletter for members only
  • Exclusive daily workouts and motivational videos
  • Access to retreats and escapes exclusively for your Routinr subscribers

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