Routinr for vegetarian and vegan influencers

Routinr is the perfect platform for one of the fastest growing sectors, providing a place where you can share and monetise amazing content with your super loyal and passionate followers.

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Why Routinr is perfect for vegetarian and vegan influencers

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No need to rely on product placements to survive, instead monetise through your amazing content and the support of your loyal fan base.

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Build a solid and reliable source of income for simply doing what you love. Choose your pricing models and give your followers more options to support you on your journey.

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Tighten up the relationships between you and your true fans but making them feel special with early access and exclusive content.

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Focus on doing what you love doing, sharing recipes, meal plans and insights into your way of life. Let Routinr take care of the itty gritty.

What type of things could you offer on Routinr?

  • Vegetarian and/or Vegan meal plans and shopping lists to give people guidance on plant based living
  • Daily recipes, tips and advice that will inspire your loyal subscribers
  • Providing your premium members with access to your exclusive newsletter or Slack channel
  • Sell tickets to an invite only members retreat
  • Cooking workshops or live webinars
  • Foodie tours in your local city so they can experience the best known and lesser plant based known food spots

Join these and other food and lifestyle influencers on Routinr today, building a better way forward for you and your followers.

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