Intermediate Level KarateFit Program
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24 days

How it will change your life

  • Get full body workout in 40 minutes or less
  • Learn traditional karate techniques along the way (not MMA or kickboxing, REAL karate)
  • No partner needed, low impact, great for all ages/abilities


The intermediate level consists of 3 workouts a week for 8 weeks; a total of 24 unique workouts. It builds upon the beginner level so it is recommended participants do that program first. Each workout consists of 4 parts: warmup, karate movements, burnout, cooldown. The warmup and cooldown are standard exercises, breathing, and stretching. The karate movement section consists of footwork, kicks, blocks/strikes, katas (patterns), and combinations. The burnout section is an exercise section that focuses on the body part that was used most during the karate section. For example, during a kicking workout, the burnout exercises will focus on legs. A core exercise is also included in the burnout section. There are no equipment requirements such as pads, gloves, or bags.
It is low impact for the most part and there are modifications offered to those who may need it. Many people have wanted to do karate but don’t want to have to train with sweaty people or be at a dirty dojo. This program gives people the karate workout and techniques taught at a dojo, minus the partner work. This program also gives participants to train from the comfort of their own homes.

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